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            AlphaFlow BPM Business Process Management Platform

            AlphaFlow BPM covers complete process lifecycle support from all aspects of process design, execution, management, and optimization. Business-oriented processes can cover people, people, applications and applications, as well as people and applications of resources and services.

            AlphaFlowHas the following six characteristics:

            ? Agile – High configurability, greatly reducing development, fast and low-cost management of simple to complex business processes, unified management of manual processes and automated processes, to meet the needs of rapid process changes;

            ? Integration SOA – It can integrate various IT systems and resources, and provide unified process services for other applications. It is a business process management platform that integrates SOA;

            ? Flexible – Support various process models, as well as flexible workarounds in manual processes;

            ? Social – Unify information exchange, knowledge, notice announcements, etc. on the process portal to improve organizational and team collaboration during process execution;

            ? Mobile – Support IOS, Android mobile process client, and integrate WeChat;

            ? Stable – 500+ large and medium-sized customers, tens of thousands of concurrent users, J2EE architecture, support distributed deployment, can adapt to various IT environments, cross-platform enterprise-level process management platform;

            Process Design

            BPMN Process Modeler

            Supports graphical drag-and-drop process modeling tools for BPMN 2.0. Quickly model by importing BPMN process files generated by third-party process modeling systems such as Visio.

            BR Designer

            Zero code process rule designer for visual configuration of process logic. Process designers can directly participate in rule definitions and changes, and quickly and accurately implement rule changes. Significantly reduce the workload of IT developers while agile business changes.
            Clearly present rules in the flow chart to visualize business rules.

            Data modeling (Form Designer)

            Lightweight form designer that supports the design of various business forms. At the same time, it can define process control variables and drive data, and can perform process control based on any element of the form, dynamically determine the personnel, process data analysis, search and statistics, and realize unified management of process control data and business data.

            Automatic process (Custom Designer)

            Through AlphaBot process robot technology, it automatically covers manual workflow and automated robot flow, eliminating the need to synchronize and connect between manual workflow and system automation process, so that the business model of the business personnel is consistent with the implementation model of the technician.

            Process Execute

            Process Portal

            Intuitively show the process to-do work, the process I initiated, the process I am running.

            Mobile Capability

            Apple iOS and Android Android process processing APP, and can be seamlessly connected with WeChat and nail.

            Support mobile handwritten annotation, voice processing.

            Process Initiation

            Through the secondary classification of the process, the two categories of the process clearly show the division of the main and sub-categories of the process, and show all the processes in an intuitive and beautiful way, so that users can quickly find and locate the startup process.

            Task Processing

            Support multi-level, multi-round signing, entrusted handling and other signing mode.(Case Management)

            The process form is integrated, and the process path and current status of the entire process can be seen from the form.

            The flow chart uses the red line to indicate the actual path, at a glance.

            Detailed process flow history

            Process Monitoring

            Visual process monitoring, graphical display of personnel, status and opinions, red line indicates process time path.

            Process Maintainance

            It can carry out process link jump, node status, handling personnel and other process interventions, and remind the node personnel to ensure the smooth flow of the process.

            Process Integration

            Event Listener

            With the event-listener mode, listeners can be registered at the process and node-level event "points". When the process executes the "points" through these monitored events, the listener presets The process will be executed, which can trigger various secondary development processes and interact with process data.

            Integration Platform

            Provide independent integration platform, based on RESTFul and BPM platform, realize the loose coupling of integrated services and process services, and also effectively support the secure integration of BPM platform and external Internet services.


            Provide JDBC, Web Service, RESTFul universal connector, as well as SAP, Oracle, UFIDA NC / U8, Kingdee EAS / K3 and other dedicated connected machines.

            Process interface (API)

            Provides RESTFul-based process API services for other application calls, including the Process Startup Service Interface (InitService API), Process Management Service (ExecutionService API), Process Data Service (DataService API), Organizational Personnel Interface Service (Identity Service API)