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            econage software website memu
            ECM Collaborative Office (OA) and Collaborative Management Platform
            Thousands of international and domestic brand enterprises have successfully applied, aiming at enhancing the synergy of enterprise execution, creativity, learning, cohesiveness, control, decision-making and resilience, to meet the requirements of personalized, refined and mobile management. Large collaborative office (OA) and collaborative management systems that enable multi-dimensional collaboration of people, processes, information and applications.
            Six Engines
            • BPM Process Engine
            • Knowledge engine
            • Portal engine
            • Integration engine
            • Report engine
            • Rule engine
            Top ten applications
            • Administration
            • HR management
            • Financial control
              Budget management
            • Project management
            • Contract management
            • Plan management
            • Instruction management
            • Leading cockpit
            • R&D management
            • Purchasing management

            ECM Integration Platform

            Independent integration service

            The integration platform is loosely coupled with the ECM platform, reducing operational risk and improving horizontal scalability.

            API Standard interface

            Provide organization and user APIs, AlphaFlow process APIs, documentation APIs, and other extended application APIs to facilitate calls and data exchanges for other applications.

            Adapter adapter

            Provide a variety of Adapter adapters and ERP (SAP, UFIDA NC / U8, Kingdee EAS / K3), HR, CRM and other business systems.

            Multi-protocol support

            RESTFul/JSON、Web Service/XML、JDBC