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            econage software website memu
            WorkSite Administrative affairs management platform

            Official document

            It realizes integrated document management for drafting documents, receiving documents, and checking documents, and supports the distribution of red envelopes and electronic seals.

            Official document write

            Draft management, review, redemption, seal, and issuance of document flow management

            Official document Process

            Official Document registration and processing

            Official document Check

            公文Official document online full preview mode, official document reading statistics

            Official document Archive

            All the published official documents and receiving documents are uniformly classified and archived, and the process records and original documents at the time can be adjusted at any time.

            News & Bulletin

            Pictures and article browsing

            Get a quick access to information like a "web" browsing experience mode

            Free classification

            News (company news, industry news, corporate culture, etc.), notices (institutional release, personnel appointment and dismissal, meeting notice, training arrangements, etc.)

            News push

            News reviewed by the process, support for direct push to the portal, no need to repeat editing and publishing

            Notification reminder

            Instant notifications for important notifications via mobile office platforms, system bullet boxes, mobile phone text messages, etc.


            Planning, recording and memorizing of personal schedules; daily arrangements; leadership of subordinate schedules, etc.

            Schedule, plan, and view your personal work schedule.

            Convenient for leaders to view subordinate schedules.

            Reminders to achieve important things on the agenda.

            Arrange, coordinate, schedule, and manage meeting schedules.

            Directly associated with the meeting room in the meeting arrangement.

            Asset Manager

            Reasonable management of various assets and assets such as fixed assets, office supplies, and low-value consumables within the enterprise, effectively managing internal inventory and records of inbound and outbound storage, and managing the entire life cycle of fixed assets.

            Asset card

            Register and manage basic information about assets.

            Inbound and outbound management

            Manage real-time inventory of assets and inbound and outbound records.

            Process management

            Manage the entire life cycle of assets added, used, borrowed, transferred, repaired, and scrapped.

            Statistical Analysis

            Statistical analysis of different dimensions of the status and categories of assets, and formation of various reports.

            Resource Manager

            Meeting room management

            Graphically show the distribution of current conference room resources

            Meeting application

            The process implements the conference application and conference room reservation, and effectively filters the currently available conference room resources according to the conference time period.

            Vehicle management

            Effective management of vehicle resources and driver resources, as well as management of vehicle use, dispatch, maintenance, and scrapping processes, rational arrangement of corporate vehicles and drivers through vehicle dispatch.

            Vehicle application

            Vehicle application is implemented through the process and matched with the current idle vehicle and driver resources to realize automatic vehicle scheduling.

            Attendance Manager

            Online attendance

            Login to the system to achieve online punch function

            Attendance machine integration

            Integrated with all kinds of mainstream attendance machines, automatically import attendance data

            Process integration

            Attendance report data is automatically integrated with attendance, travel, overtime and other attendance related processes, more accurately reflecting attendance.

            Work Plan

            WorkSiteThe work plan realizes the daily work plan process and result management of the enterprise, including plan release, plan review, plan execution feedback, plan evaluation and evaluation, and account summary. Support target release mode and escalation audit mode.

            Target release mode

            The planning policy objectives are decomposed. The group company decomposes the group policy objectives into subsidiaries/departments on a monthly or quarterly basis, and then the subsidiaries/departments are decomposed into individuals, and the individual implements the completion of the work plan.

            Report review mode

            According to the company's strategic goals and performance appraisal requirements, employees report their monthly work plans and submit them to the leadership level for review, and timely report the implementation of the plan. The company tracks, evaluates and evaluates the plan implementation process.

            Work Order

            Instructions generally refer to important work from the top down. Work orders are issued through the WorkSite command system, and special personnel are supervised. The implementers regularly feedback the progress, and finally evaluate and evaluate, improve the efficiency and quality of important work, and finally achieve the purpose of improving the execution of the enterprise.

            Full lifecycle management

            Instruction management system includes instruction release, instruction execution feedback, instruction supervision, instruction evaluation, and instruction assessment life cycle management.

            Formation management closed loop

            The bottom-up approval of the process and the top-down implementation of the directive form an effective closed loop for internal management of the enterprise.

            Multi-business collaboration

            The source of the instruction may include multiple services such as direct release, process instruction, project instruction, conference instruction, client instruction, etc., forming an effective collaborative association with other business support modules.